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Shi Junqin Advanced Deed Materials

  这些字眼可以瞬间开启几代人的红色记忆,这些记忆属于延安。 Editor's note: Baota Mountain, Yanhe River, Zaoyuan, Yangjialing ... These words can instantly open the red memories of several generations. These memories belong to Yan'an. It is in this hot spot that Mao Zedong Thought has gradually matured, continuously enriched and developed. It was this hot spot that gave birth to the Yan'an spirit that shines forever, and nurtured generation after generation of communists. Today, there is an inheritor of Yan'an spirit in the food and drug supervision system of Yan'an City. 全国人民满意的公务员集体等一系列荣誉称号,树立了良好形象。 Keeping in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, she led the food and drug supervision team to ensure the safety of public dietary medicine, won a series of honorary titles such as " the civil servants collective satisfied by the people of the country " , and established a good image. She is Shi Junqin, director of the Yan'an Food and Drug Administration.

She grew up drinking Yanhe water and eating rice. She often said that one cannot forget one's book, be an official for a while, and be a lifetime; being an official is a thin piece of paper, and being a talent is a thick book. She has been the daughter of Yan'an all her life.

特殊材料制成的。 She is made of " special materials " . There is no word for bitterness or tiredness in her dictionary of life. Even the pain of bereavement that ordinary people can't bear, she seems to be able to turn this painful page gently.

She used women's hearts, men's guts and soldiers' style to bring out an iron army to support the blue sky of the revolutionary holy land of Yan'an. 全国人民满意的公务员集体这一荣誉称号,让这个集体成为圣地延安一面闪光的旗帜。 More than fifty medals and the honorary title of " civil servants collective satisfied by the people of the whole country " have made this collective a shining banner in Yan'an, a holy place.

She is Shi Junqin, director of the Yan'an Food and Drug Administration.

An ordinary person, the book of life written in the time of fifty years, there are no earth-shattering paragraphs, but Shi Junqin's strokes are so clear and so serious that this book is thick and wonderful, So it's easy to release.

大爱 。 In this book, we read about loyalty, about responsibility, about dedication, about the unique journey of mind and extraordinary achievements, and the most striking word among them is " Great Love " .

While hiding the volume, we deeply feel that she deserves to be a good daughter of the Yanan people.

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The tree has roots and water. Shi Junqin's love has its origins.

In the 1950s, Shi Junqin was born in Anding Brigade, Anding Commune, Zichang County, Yan'an City. This is a red land. Shi Junqin has visited the cemetery of the youngest martyrs since he was a child, and heard of the stories of Liu Zhidan and Xie Zichang leading the revolution in northern Shaanxi. She is determined to inherit the spirit of her predecessors when she grows up and build a better hometown.

我不能撂下乡亲们。我要是走了,怎么改变家乡面貌 " I can't take down the folks. How can I change my hometown if I leave "

In the autumn of 1970, Shi Junqin carried a few books and a simple suitcase and returned to Anding Brigade from Anding Commune. She hasn't read enough books, but there are many brothers and sisters in the family. There are two younger brothers and four younger sisters behind the third-ranked Shi Junqin. She has to come back to help her parents and sister earn work points and maintain the family's livelihood.

Yanhe water raises people. Sixteen-year-old Shi Junqin wore two long black braids, smiled, and there were two dimples on his rosy cheeks. 女秀才 ,哪想到这个识文断字的俊小丫竟然是个铁姑娘Everyone in the village said that it was a " female talent " , but the thought of this literate and literate Jun Xiaoya turned out to be an " iron girl " .

……小心啊……” ,高高的山坡下面,惠雪梅、石凤巧、李延琴等伙伴齐声惊叫。 " Yeah, be careful ..." Under the high hillside, Hui Xuemei, Shi Fengqiao, Li Yanqin and other partners exclaimed in unison. On the construction site of the dam, Shi Junqin, who was digging the soil halfway up the hill, accidentally rolled down due to the soft soil.

I saw a straw hat falling from midair, and the braids of Shi Junqin's head spread out, and the two braids flew up and down. Then, she rolled down the hill all the way. Everyone helped her up with all her hands. Shi Junqin's arms and legs were torn, and his whole body was purple and purple. 俊琴,我看你是太累了,干脆你回去休息两天再来打坝吧。 史俊琴拍拍身上的土: 不累。 转身又爬上了山坡。 Hui Xuemei said distressedly: " Junqin, I think you are too tired. Simply go back and rest for two days and come back to fight the dam. " Shi Junqin patted the soil on his body: " Not tired. " Turned and climbed up the hill again .

Shi Junqin, who has returned home for less than half a year, has become the captain of the Young Commando of the Anding Brigade. 青年突击队其实就是吃苦队 ,哪里困难哪里去,哪里艰苦哪里去,哪里危险哪里去。 At that time, the Anding Brigade was carrying out farmland water conservancy construction, building terraces, repairing canals, playing dams ... The young commando team was actually a " hardship team " , where there were difficulties, difficulties, and dangers. 吃苦队的队长,当然是最能吃苦的那一位。 The captain of the " suffering team " is, of course, the one who can endure the hardest.

In the early spring, Shi Junqin dared to jump into the cold water. She went up the mountain to build terraces and went into trenches to build dams. She was covered with soil on sunny days and mud on rainy days. Every mountain and every ditch had sprinkled her sweat. 不累。 She always said: " Not tired. "

A pair of hands accustomed to pens, picked up the hoe and raised the head, grinding out blood bubbles and grinding out calluses. 不疼。 She said, "It does n't hurt. "

Carrying a full load of soil quickly walked a kilometer, dozens of times a day. Walking too fast, the shoes couldn't be worn, and the bare feet grinded blood bubbles and calluses. 不疼。 She still said: "It does n't hurt. "     铁姑娘队Among the more than 40 members of the Youth Commando, young women accounted for two-thirds. This team led by Shi Junqin was therefore called the " Iron Girl Team " by the villagers .

山丹丹开花红艳艳……”“高楼万丈平地起……”山歌一唱,大家的疲惫真得减轻了不少。 After a day of labor, the sisters had backaches and back pains. Shi Junqin took everyone to sing the folk song, " Sandandan is blooming and gorgeous ..." "The tall buildings rise to the ground ..." The folk song sang, and everyone's fatigue was really relieved a lot .

Shi Junqin thought: Folk Songs can alleviate their fatigue, but also encourage, what song is the most exciting?

The characteristics of Northern Shaanxi folk songs are improvisation and smooth singing. 我们这个队伍完全是为着解放人民的,是彻底地为人民的利益工作的……”把自己编的词也唱了出来: 立冬过后是数九哎嗨呀……梧柳塌上来战斗哎嗨呀……安定大队起宏图咿呀嗨,哎嗨依呀嗨……” 。 Shi Junqin sang the famous articles such as Chairman Mao Zedong's "Serving the People" and "Yugong Yishan": " Our team is entirely for the liberation of the people and works completely for the benefit of the people ..." The words were also sung: " After Lidong, it ’s nine. Hey, hey ... Wuliu came up to fight, hey, hey ... Anding Brigade started to make a grand babble, hey, hey, hey ..." .

In the loud singing, Shi Junqin and her sisters seemed to have unstoppable energy. Other female laborers can only get six work points, up to eight work points, but they can get nine and a half work points. The Anding Brigade thus became the earliest team to achieve equal pay for men and women for equal work in the Yan'an area. 你们这些女娃娃既然这么(有)能耐,那你们能烧砖吗? 他们下了挑战书。 The young men were not happy: " Since you female dolls are so capable, can you burn bricks? " They wrote the challenge book.

What can't you do? Shi Junqin signed the challenge book on behalf of the sisters.

Burning bricks requires a lot of soil. The soil must be dug out from the hillside to form a pile of soil, and then the billet is removed from the mud. After a process and high temperature firing, it can become a block of flat bricks. 拿不下来,这也正是男青年们敢于叫板的原因。 Burning bricks is both technical and physical work, and the average person can't get it down, which is why the young men dare to " challenge " .

下了这份硬活,让男青年们心服口服。 For two consecutive months, Shi Junqin and the sisters started digging the soil, carrying water, and pouring bricks at more than five o'clock every morning. They just took the hard work and convinced the young men.

In March 1972, Shi Junqin joined the Communist Party of China with honor.