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Practise oath with life, explain responsibility with action

1964 1 月生,汉族,中共党员,四川省卫生厅应急办副主任。 Yang Yong, male, born in January 1964 , Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, deputy director of the Emergency Office of the Sichuan Provincial Health Department. 5 14 20 时许,杨勇同志在第二次深入青海玉树地震灾区指挥调度四川支援玉树卫生防疫工作返蓉途中,不幸牺牲。 At 20 o'clock on May 14 , 2010 , Comrade Yang Yong commanded and dispatched Sichuan to support Yushu's sanitation and anti-epidemic work on the way back to Chengdu for the second time.

25 年如一日,坚持在卫生战线埋头苦干,任劳任怨。 As a health emergency worker, Comrade Yang Yong has been working hard on the health front for 25 years. 250 余起。 Especially in recent years, he has always been at the forefront of health emergency work, and has directly participated in the coordination and disposal of more than 250 public health emergencies and emergencies . 2005 年人感染猪链球菌病疫情、 2006 年人禽流感疫情、 2007 年特大暴雨洪涝灾害、 2008 年低温冰雪灾害、藏区维稳和 “5.12” 汶川特大地震灾害、 2009 年甲型 H1N1 流感疫情和 “6.5” 公交车燃烧事故等多项重特大突发公共事件的应急处置中,他身先士卒,为保护人民群众生命健康安全作出了突出贡献,得到各级领导的充分肯定和人民群众的广泛赞誉。 Outbreaks of human streptococcus suis in 2005 , outbreaks of human avian influenza in 2006 , extraordinarily heavy rains and floods in 2007 , low-temperature ice and snow disasters in 2008 , maintenance of Tibetan areas and the “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake, and outbreaks of H1N1 influenza He has taken the lead in the emergency response to many major public emergencies such as the "6.5" bus burning accident, and has made outstanding contributions to protecting the lives and health of the people. It has been fully affirmed by leaders at all levels and widely praised by the people. . Please take the initiative to go deep into the Tibetan area to maintain stability .

3 月中旬,在达赖集团精心策划指使下,四川省藏区部分县发生打砸抢烧、非法示威游行等暴力犯罪事件。 In mid- March 2008, under the careful planning and instruction of the Dalai Group, violent crimes such as smashing and burning, illegal demonstrations and other incidents occurred in some counties in the Tibetan region of Sichuan Province. After the incident, Comrade Yang Yong took the initiative to fight regardless of his personal safety. He led the provincial health working group to Ganzi Prefecture overnight and was incorporated into the logistics support group of the frontline headquarters, responsible for directing and coordinating the medical rescue and health support teams. In the more than one month of maintaining stability in the Tibetan area, Comrade Yang Yong refined the work plan and perfected the specific measures according to the characteristics and difficulties of the sanitation work in the Tibetan area, and quickly established a unified and coordinated military and local medical rescue and health security mechanism. Effective treatment and health security laid a solid foundation.

18 日,得知驻色达县多名武警受伤急需救治的情况后,杨勇同志紧急调集四川省人民医院和四川大学华西医院外科专家连夜赶赴甘孜州支援。 On March 18th , after learning that many armed policemen in Seda County were injured and in urgent need of treatment, Comrade Yang Yong urgently mobilized surgical experts from the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital and the West China Hospital of Sichuan University to rush to Ganzi Prefecture for support overnight. At the same time, organizing provincial medical experts and state hospital medical staff to prepare for consultation. After the wounded and sick are delivered, they immediately organize a comprehensive consultation for each wounded and sick, refine the treatment plan, and timely transfer the stable and wounded to the later for subsequent treatment, ensuring that each wounded and sick are received in a timely and effective manner treatment.

28 日,德格县玉隆乡发生一起灭鼠药中毒事件,由于初期原因不明,当地报告为疑似炭疽。 On March 28 , an incident of rodenticide poisoning occurred in Yulong Township, Dege County. The local cause was reported as suspected anthrax because the initial cause was unknown. The epidemic situation is the order. Comrade Yang Yong led the medical and epidemic prevention expert team from Kangding to Dege County to spare no effort to treat the patients. He organized an epidemiological survey, collected specimens for laboratory testing, and identified the exact cause in time. By increasing the publicity of health and disease prevention knowledge, there was no panic in the local people and related social security issues, which ensured the steady and orderly progress of the maintenance of stability. In response to the fact that most of the stability maintenance troops first entered the plateau, plateau reactions occurred from time to time, and most of the stations were far away from towns. Drinking water, food, and living habits were quite different from the local area. Comrade Yang Yong organized experts to actively find ways and ideas, and formulate Detailed health protection plan and work plan to ensure that the health protection work does not leave a dead end. At the same time, the provincial and state medical and health working groups have been led by many people to overcome the difficulties of severe hypoxia, inconvenience of transportation, and difficult life. Departments strengthened contact with resident troops, implemented sanitary security measures, strengthened control of key links, and ensured the safety of food and drinking water for resident troops, maintenance staff, and local people.

Ordered in critical condition, he led the first medical rescue team to the front line of the Wenchuan earthquake .

5 12 14 28 分,四川省遭遇里氏 8.0 级特大地震灾害,恐慌的成都市民纷纷涌向街头。 At 14:28 on May 12 , 008 , Sichuan Province suffered a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 on the Richter scale. Panic Chengdu residents flocked to the streets. 灾情就是命令,时间就是生命 ,杨勇同志顾不上个人及家人安危,紧急驱车赶赴四川省地震局了解灾情。 "The disaster is an order, and time is life. " Comrade Yang Yong couldn't care about the safety of his personal and his family, and drove to the Sichuan Earthquake Bureau to understand the disaster. 1 小时,他和分管厅领导一道率领 20 余辆救护车和 80 余名医护人员,火速赶往震中汶川,途中山体滑坡、道路阻断,心急如焚的杨勇同志和带队领导快速商议后,又连夜转战另一重灾区北川县。 One hour after the earthquake , he and the leaders of the Administration Office led more than 20 ambulances and more than 80 medical personnel. They hurried to the epicenter of Wenchuan, and the landslides and roads were blocked on the way. , And fought overnight in Beichuan County, another hardest hit area. The sky gradually darkened, the mountain road was rugged, and aftershocks were frequent. Along the way, there was a danger of being hit by flying stones and overturning at any time. Faced with death threats, he did not fear, nor did he step back.

12 21 时左右,杨勇一行抵达北川,迅速投入一场惊心动魄的 生命抢夺战 At around 21:00 on May 12 , Yang Yong and his party arrived in Beichuan and quickly entered a thrilling " life-robbing battle . " 5 个小组,连续作战,没有片刻休息,尽一切努力将一个个生命从死亡线上拉回来:缝线包扎伤口、输液敷药、固定骨折体位、转送伤员 …… 12 日下午出发到 14 日凌晨,杨勇同志和他的医疗队忍受疲劳和饥饿,连续战斗了 30 多个小时,累计抢救和转运伤员千余名。 Yang Yong divided the medical emergency team into 5 groups, fighting continuously, without a moment of rest, and making every effort to pull back one life from the death line: the suture wraps the wound, the infusion medicine, fixes the fracture position, and transfers the wounded ... from 12 Departing from the afternoon to the early morning of the 14th , Comrade Yang Yong and his medical team endured fatigue and hunger, fighting for more than 30 hours in a row , and rescued and transported more than 1,000 casualties.

15 日以后,根据卫生厅指挥部的统一安排,杨勇同志调回卫生厅,又迅速投入到国外、境外和省外、省内医疗救援队伍组织调度和地震伤员跨省大转运工作中,直到汶川地震抗震救灾工作全面结束,连续 5 个多月没有休息一个礼拜天和节假日。 After May 15th , according to the unified arrangement of the headquarters of the Health Department, Comrade Yang Yong was transferred back to the Health Department, and quickly invested in the organization and dispatch of medical rescue teams abroad, overseas and outside the province, and within the province. Until the earthquake relief work of the Wenchuan Earthquake was completed, there was no rest for more than 5 consecutive months on a Sunday and holidays. Thousands of miles of aid, led the medical team of Sichuan Province to the front line of Yushu .

4 14 日,获悉青海玉树发生 7.1 级地震后,杨勇同志又主动要求率队赶赴玉树支援。 On April 14 , 2010, after learning of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai , Comrade Yang Yong took the initiative to request the team to rush to Yushu for support. 日下午 16 时,杨勇率由四川大华西医院、四川省人民医院、四川省疾控中心等单位专家组成的省级医疗卫生救援队伍星夜兼程赶赴灾区。 At 16:00 on the 14th , Yang Yong led a provincial medical and health rescue team composed of experts from Sichuan Dahuaxi Hospital, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Sichuan Provincial Center for Disease Control and other units to the disaster area on a starry night.

1200 公里,越往里走海拔越高,高原地区气候恶劣,早晚温差极大,还要翻越多座海拔 5000 米左右的大山,路况极其复杂恶劣。 Yushu is about 1200 kilometers away from Chengdu . The higher the altitude, the higher the altitude. The climate in the plateau region is harsh. The temperature difference between morning and evening is extremely large. It is also necessary to cross many mountains at an altitude of about 5000 meters. The road conditions are extremely complex and harsh. 72 小时是救援黄金时间,为尽快抵达玉树灾区,杨勇同志决定让医疗救护车加速先行,保障车随后跟进。 Comrade Yang Yong knew that 72 hours after the earthquake was the prime time for rescue. In order to reach the disaster area of Yushu as soon as possible, Comrade Yang Yong decided to accelerate the medical ambulance first, and then the security car would follow up. 5000 多米的雀儿山时,大部分队员都出现不同程度的高原反应,杨勇却隐瞒自己高原感冒的病情,鼓励大家克服困难,保持高昂斗志继续前行。 When the team walked to Queer Mountain at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters, most of the team members had different levels of altitude sickness, but Yang Yong concealed his altitude sickness and encouraged everyone to overcome the difficulties and maintain their high fighting spirit. 40 多个小时的长途跋涉后,杨勇同志率队于 16 日晨 8 时抵达玉树灾区。 After a long journey of more than 40 hours, Comrade Yang Yong led his team to the disaster area of Yushu at 8 am on the 16th .

4000 多米的隆宝镇等多个乡镇驻点和巡回医疗。 After entering the ancient town of epicenter, Yang Yong immediately contacted the front coordination team of the Ministry of Health and the local earthquake relief headquarters to fight for the most difficult places. After actively fighting, the Sichuan Medical and Health Rescue Team was responsible for the largest and worst conditions in the local area. The settlements of Tashiko Racecourse and Longbao Town at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters and other townships have set up and tour medical treatment. Since most of the affected people are Tibetan compatriots, Comrade Yang Yong rationally matched the medical teams. Each team arranged some Tibetan medical personnel or volunteers to strengthen communication with the affected Tibetan compatriots. In order to improve the efficiency of on-site medical treatment, give full play to the role of the medical and health rescue teams, and effectively integrate the treatment force according to the professional ratio of different teams, arrange experts from Sichuan University West China Hospital and Provincial People's Hospital to guide each station and the traveling medical team to work; Control experts guide the establishment of local health and epidemic prevention points, and carry out health and epidemic prevention work as early as possible; designate a person to be responsible for uploading and releasing work information and data to ensure smooth information channels.

44 名医疗卫生救援队员通过飞机或陆路转回四川,但杨勇同志却忘记了自己。 In order to ensure the safety of the team members, Comrade Yang Yong took the initiative to coordinate with the local government department to establish a mechanism for the transfer of injured team members. Once a team member had a severe altitude sickness response, he immediately coordinated the transfer of treatment. 44 medical and health rescue team members passed the plane or Lu returned to Sichuan, but Comrade Yang Yong forgot himself. During Yushu's time, he was caught in a cold every day and was at risk of high altitude pulmonary edema. The fearless spirit he displayed in the face of difficulties and the confidence to overcome all difficulties and obstacles encouraged all medical and health rescue team members.

5 个乡镇开展医疗巡诊,设立医疗救治点 11 个,灾后 7 天救治伤员 4013 人,后期救治各类伤病员 4683 人次,发放药品 38490 人次,消毒 63.57 万平方米,灾后防病健康咨询 44510 人次,医疗卫生救援工作成效显著,先后受到胡锦涛总书记、回良玉副总理、卫生部刘谦副部长、尹力副部长和青海、四川省委领导的亲切接见和慰问,得到当地群众的一致好评。 Under the leadership of Comrade Yang Yong, the medical rescue team of our province has successively entered 5 towns including Yushujie Ancient Town and Longbao Town to carry out medical patrols, set up 11 medical treatment points , and treated 4,013 wounded people 7 days after the disaster , and later treated various types of injuries 4,683 person-times of patients , 38,490 person-times of medicines distributed, 635,700 square meters of disinfection , 44,510 person-times of health consultations for disease prevention and prevention after disasters , medical and rescue work has achieved remarkable results, and was successively received by General Secretary Hu Jintao, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, Vice Minister Liu Qian and Yin The cordial reception and condolences from Vice Minister Li and the leaders of Qinghai and Sichuan Provincial Party Committees received unanimous praise from the local people. 23 日,杨勇同志在玉树灾区战斗到紧急医疗救援工作基本结束后才随大部队撤回。 On April 23 , Comrade Yang Yong fought in the Yushu disaster area until the emergency medical rescue work was basically completed, and then withdrew with the big troops. Concerned about the epidemic prevention in the disaster area, Yushu died in his second job

14 日,为保证我省玉树地震灾区卫生防疫工作的顺利换防交接,省卫生厅需派一名处级领导赶赴玉树现场协调处理,杨勇同志在回到成都半个月后再次主动要求承担此项重任。 On May 14th , in order to ensure the smooth handover of sanitation and epidemic prevention work in the Yushu earthquake-stricken area in our province, the provincial health department needed to send a division-level leader to Yushu to coordinate and deal with it. Take on this important task.

日上午 9 时左右,杨勇同志一行乘机抵达玉树后,立即前往我省医疗卫生防疫点检查指导灾后防疫工作,协调队伍交接换防。 At about 9 a.m. on the 14th , Comrade Yang Yong and his party arrived at Yushu by flight and immediately went to our province's medical and health epidemic prevention point to inspect and guide the post-disaster epidemic prevention work, and coordinated the team's handover and replacement. 11 时,杨勇同志离开玉树前往我省地震重灾区石渠县曾达乡,查看当地乡镇卫生院受损情况,慰问医疗卫生人员。 At 11 am, Comrade Yang Yong left Yushu and went to Zengda Township, Shiqu County, an earthquake-stricken area in our province, to check the damage of the local township health centers and condolences to medical and health personnel. 14 时,他顾不上休息,前往国家级鼠疫监测点石渠县俄多马乡,对灾后防疫及鼠疫疫情防控等工作进行督促检查。 At 14 o'clock in the afternoon , he could not take a break and went to the national plague monitoring point in Odoma Township, Shiqu County to supervise the post-disaster prevention and prevention and control of plague. 时左右,他又紧急赶赴甘孜县检查指导工作。 At about 17 o'clock, he rushed to Ganzi County for inspection and guidance. 时左右,当车辆行至德格县马尼干戈乡时,突遭暴雨,道路湿滑,车辆失去控制,在这紧要关头,杨勇同志迅即扭头对后排人员说: 抓紧!抓 …….” ,话音未落,车辆猛地撞向路边界牌发生翻车,杨勇同志在不忘对同行人员的安全提醒时,错失了对自己保护的宝贵时间,被抛出车外不幸牺牲。 At about 20 o'clock, when the vehicle reached Manigango Township in Dege County, it was suddenly subjected to heavy rain, the road was slippery, and the vehicle was out of control. At this juncture, Comrade Yang Yong quickly turned his head and said to the rear row: " Hurry up! …. ”The voice did not fall, and the vehicle slammed into the road boundary sign and overturned. Comrade Yang Yong missed the precious time to protect himself when he did not forget the safety reminder to his colleagues and was thrown out of the car and unfortunately sacrificed.

When the news came, the Sichuan Provincial Health Department deplored the loss of such a good comrade and cadre, and immediately established Comrade Yang Yong ’s funeral committee to properly organize condolences and other related aftercare work and report it as a major situation in a timely manner. The Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and the Ministry of Health attach great importance to this. 要不惜一切代价,全力抢救受伤人员,并做好相关善后工作。对杨勇同志的牺牲深表哀悼,请向其家属及受伤人员转达我的深切慰问! 省委常委、常务副省长魏宏批示: 请向杨勇同志家属表示哀悼,请告受伤人员的救治情况。 ”5 16 日下午,正在广州出席文博会的四川省委常委、宣传部长黄新初受刘奇葆书记、蒋巨峰省长委托,专程赶回成都看望慰问杨勇同志家属,并前往四川大学华西医院看望受伤的防疫队员。 Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Liu Qibao personally cares about Comrade Yang Yong's family to appease and rescue the wounded. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Jiang Jufeng instructed: "We must spare no effort to rescue the injured and do the related rehabilitation work. To Yang Yong Comrades' mourning for their sacrifices, please convey my deep condolences to their families and injured people! " Wei Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, said: " Please express condolences to the families of Comrade Yang Yong, and report the treatment of the injured. " On the afternoon of May 16 , Huang Xinchu, member of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda who was attending the Cultural Fair in Guangzhou, was commissioned by Secretary Liu Qibao and Governor Jiang Jufeng to return to Chengdu to visit the family of Comrade Yang Yong and visit the West China Hospital of Sichuan University. Injured epidemic prevention team member. 17 日下午,正在北京学习的四川省副省长陈文华特地请假赶回成都,前往杨勇同志吊唁处吊唁,亲切慰问杨勇同志家属,并赶往医院探望受伤人员。 On the afternoon of May 17 , Chen Wenhua, the deputy governor of Sichuan Province who was studying in Beijing, took a special leave and rushed back to Chengdu to pay his condolences to Comrade Yang Yong. He extended condolences to Comrade Yang Yong's family and rushed to the hospital to visit the injured. Minister Chen Zhu and Secretary Zhang Mao of the Ministry of Health expressed their deep condolences to Comrade Yang Yong's sacrifice and expressed his sincere condolences to the injured epidemic prevention team members! 5 17 日下午专程从北京赶到成都,下机后立即赴四川大学华西医院亲切看望了受伤的防疫队员,随即前往杨勇同志吊唁处吊唁,亲切慰问杨勇同志家属。 Entrusted by Minister Chen Zhu and Secretary Zhang Mao, Vice Minister Yin Li of the Ministry of Health led the relevant bureau heads from Beijing to Chengdu on the afternoon of May 17th . After getting off the plane, he went to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University to visit the injured. The anti-epidemic team went to the condolences to Comrade Yang Yong, and extended condolences to Comrade Yang Yong's family. 10 余个省级部门敬献了花圈,重庆、陕西、青海省、西藏、甘肃等省市卫生厅(局)纷纷发来唁电,对杨勇同志的牺牲深表哀悼。 The Ministry of Health, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and more than 10 provincial departments presented wreaths. Chongqing, Shaanxi, Qinghai Province, Tibet, Gansu and other provinces and municipal health departments (bureaus) sent letters of condolences to Comrade Yang Yong. Deep condolences.

The heroic sacrifice of Comrade Yang Yong is a major loss to our province's medical and health system. 2005 年担任卫生厅应急办副主任以来,直接参与处理各类突发事件占全省突发事件医疗卫生救援总数的 22% Since he served as the deputy director of the Emergency Office of the Ministry of Health in 2005 , he has directly participated in the handling of various emergencies, accounting for 22% of the total number of emergency medical and health rescues in the province . 特别讲大局、特别讲付出、特别讲实干、特别讲纪律 的宝贵品质,他是援藏干部的优秀代表、是维稳干部的优秀代表、是抗震救灾的优秀代表、是卫生战线的优秀代表。 Comrade Yang Yong embodies the precious qualities of " emphasizing the overall situation, emphasizing effort, emphasizing practicality, and emphasizing discipline " . He is an excellent representative of cadres in aid to Tibet, an excellent representative of cadres in stabilization, and excellent in earthquake relief. The representative is an excellent representative of the health front. 随时准备为党和人民牺牲一切 的入党誓言,用实际行动履行了一名卫生应急工作者的神圣职责。 He is loyal to the party, loyal to the motherland, and loyal to the people. He always comes forward and charges forward in times of crisis. He has used his life to fulfill the oath of joining the party that he is ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people. The sacred duty of emergency workers.

Attachment: Resume

1964 1 月,四川省崇州市人,中共党员,大学文化, 1985 7 月参加工作, 1997 6 月入党,先后在原省卫生防疫站、省卫生执法监督总队、省卫生厅工作。 Yang Yong, male, born in January 1964 , from Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province, member of the Communist Party of China, university culture, joined the work in July 1985 , joined the party in June 1997, successively in the original provincial health and epidemic prevention station, the provincial health law enforcement supervision team, Provincial Health Department works. 7 月至 2001 3 月任原省卫生防疫站医师、主管医师、副主任医师、副所长(其间, 1988 10 月至 1990 5 月在西藏自治区卫生防疫站支援), 2001 4 月至 2005 2 月任省卫生执法监督总队支队长、副总队长, 2005 3 月任省卫生厅应急办副主任。 From July 1985 to March 2001 , he served as a physician, chief physician, deputy chief physician, and deputy director of the original Provincial Health and Epidemic Prevention Station (during October 1988 to May 1990 at the Tibet Autonomous Region Health and Epidemic Prevention Station), 2001 From April to February 2005 , he served as the team leader and deputy team leader of the Provincial Health Law Enforcement Supervision Corps. In March 2005 , he served as the deputy director of the Provincial Health Department Emergency Management Office. 四川省维护藏区稳定模范 全国卫生应急先进个人 省直机关优秀共产党员 等荣誉称号。 He has won honorary titles such as " Model of Sichuan Province to Maintain the Stability of Tibetan Areas " , " National Advanced Individual in Health Emergency " , " Outstanding Communist Party Member of Provincial Government " and other honorary titles.